Your branding is powerful

Probably you may think that branding is not very important for your restaurant, and only big companies need it. But imagine this, you are on vacations in a different country, you want to buy a soda but you see no familiar Brand, then you see a Coke and you grab it, that connection you have with a Brand its what makes it so valuable.

You have to think in your restaurant not only as a business of providing food, you need to change this idea into a business of providing a branded experience.

Markets are growing very fast, you need to have something to differentiate about your competitors. If your restaurant have a clear Brand identity people will be able to underestand why you are different, identify you and remember is your Brand what your customers are loyal to.

Your Brand should be powerful, including a name to your restaurant, a logo and a slogan that people can remember and identify, a theme of your restaurant, colours are extemely imporant, and remember always the customer experience, how you want your customers to feel when they visit your restaurant.

Now think about empowering your Brand, you are already spending money in consumables, think about spending some extra bucks buying custom printed products with your brand, think about custom coffee sleeves, a product that customers will carry out and people will be able to see and identify your Brand outside your restaurant, or custom carry out bags with your logo and slogan. Also inside your restaurant people will be able to identify your Brand with custom paper placemats, or custom deli paper with your slogan.

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