Effective use for custom coffee sleeves

Martin is one of your daily customers. He buys a cup of coffee before he walks into his office everyday. Some days after buying his coffee he goes to the bank that its three blocks away from your store. Other days he sits on a bench in the park which is five minutes walking distance from your store. When he goes directly to his office he always takes a few minutes to say hi to his colleagues before he gets to work.

Imagine all the people he runs into every morning. Imagine all the potential customers near your store that probably haven’t heard from your café, and that you are missing the chance to promote your brand simply because you don’t use custom coffee sleeves.

This is the power of custom printing. Every customer that uses your custom coffee sleeves will give you the chance to promote your Brand: people will be able to google your store name to find where they can buy a cup of coffee. If people around your store gets to see your brand in the hand of different people, then they will figure you serve good stuff.

Think not only about your logo or brand identity colors, you can also use your custom coffee sleeves to promote your social media, your slogan, qr code, any promotion you want to advertise.

At faroprinting.com you we can customize your sleeves and even print the whole area (with offset printing quality). Most important for you to know is we use doble-wall corrugated paperboard.

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